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Never Donate Via SMS

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Recently I donated to the Shelter charity via SMS, after doing this I keep on getting phone calls from 02076197597, after doing some research it appears the phone calls are from a company called ListenĀ ( and they do this spam phone calling for various well known charities like Unicef and NSPCC, this also means that these charities are wasting donated money employing this company. My advice is never SMS donations to any company as they might just use a spam company like Listen.

Apple needs more innovation

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Early last year Apple’s share price was over $644 a share making it the worlds most valuable company, since then the share price has fallen 24% in the last 3 months and looks like it might continue without something happening. I imagine the death of the founder and visionary Steve Jobs caused uncertainty in future products and slightly disappointing release of the iPhone 5 could have caused the shares to fall. Recently they released the iPad mini and the great looking iMac, but I don’t think these are innovative enough to increase sales as much as necessary for shares to increase back to the highs of last year. Another factor that could have effected the share price was that Apples competitors are now producing products that match and in some cases surpass Apples, for example the Google Nexus 7. I imagine Apple are trying very hard to think of the next big thing that will put them clearly back on top.