New Biometric Passport

I recently needed to renew my passport, I thought this process would take weeks but I went into the post office on the Saturday and received my new passport on the following Thursday. I can remember years ago this process could take four weeks, so they must have improved the system dramatically to reduce the time to days. I did get the post office to check the form for any mistakes which cost a bit extra. Also they always return your old passport which you use to have to request and if I remember rightly cost more money. My new passport is a biometric passport which means it has a microchip built into it to help prevent identity fraud and forgery. This new passport also will give me access to automated immigration at airports which have the facility, I am hoping this means I can use the new iris scanner. Overall the process of renewing my passport is much quicker than expected and hopefully will speed up the passport control process when arriving at my destination.

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