BusinessLink web site very expensive for tax payers

The UK government has released an interesting document on the cost of it’s web sites for 2009 – 2010 (, it shows how much each of the sites costs and also the number of hits. One site was the BusinessLink site which cost £35m in non staff costs and £788k in staff costs, this does not include OGD’s (whatever they are) or agencies (which I imagine would increase the cost a lot more). This web site does however get over 1 million hits a month so it does seem to be doing a job, but it does seem very expensive. The government web site for UK trade and investment cost almost £4m and gets 28k hits and month and so far has had 400k hits, this means that it has cost the UK taxpayer £10 per hit. Hopefully now the Labour idiots are out the new government will look at these web sites and decide which ones are cost effective and which ones just need scrapping.

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