iPhone iOS 4

I have just installed the new iOS 4 on my iPhone 3GS and not much has changed. The first change I noticed was there is now a background image when browsing your apps, this can be changed in the settings. They have added a nice feature called ‘Folders’ and like the name suggests this allows you to put apps into folders, which is useful if you have loads of apps that you want to group together. The camera now has a 5x digital zoom which is OK, but the Gorillacam app is still better. They have added the ability for Multitasking, this allows apps that have been developed for iOS4 to switch between each other instantly. I think this feature should have only been allowed for iOS4 apps because it does not with current apps and when you select the app that has already been open it does not run from where you left it but restarts the app. Also to close¬†the app down you have to double press the main button to display the multitasking panel and then hold you finger over the app you want to close which causes the wobble and then select the negative icon to close the app. Overall not much has changed which could be a good thing, I like the folders option but dislike the multitasking.

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