Apple iPad prices in the UK

Apple has announced what the prices will be for the iPad in the UK, as expected they are overpriced compared to the US prices. The price for the basic model will be £429 (£337 in US) and £699 for the top of the range model (£561 in US). The company I work for is currently developing software for the iPad and I have had a quick play with a model we got from the US, it is a nice piece of kit, however it does lack what I would call some basic features like USB ports and a web cam which are features on most cheaper netbooks. The screen works the same as the iPhone and is great to use, I can imagine I would need to keep cleaning it though. Because apple has overpriced the iPad for the UK and the first models released (28th May) lack the features of my netbook and macbook, I will be sticking with my netbook for the time being.

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