Top 5 Free iPhone Apps


Below is a list of my top 5 free iPhones apps. I have chosen my top 5 from which apps I use the most, enjoy to use and the ones I think have been designed the best. I can imagine this list will change from month to month, but at the time of writing this these are the apps I would recommend. 

  1. Sky News – This app works well even when there is no wireless or 3G network.
  2. Right Move – Quick app which works well on 3G, intuitive, easy to use with few faults.
  3. Facebook – Works similar to web site with all the features I need.
  4. Gorillacam – Improves the basic iPhone camera with features like zoom, self-timer, anti-shake and a spirit level for level shots.
  5. The Trainline – Useful app if you use trains, work similar to the web site.

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