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On the main RicRac web site is the option to make a donation, this is an attempt to cover some of the costs of running the web site. Last year I received a donation from a user of the stopwatch application, the donation was small but very welcome, paypal sent me a confirmation of the transaction and I logged on and could see my Paypal account was in credit with that amount. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would transfer this amount, but when I logged on the account balance was 0. I then contacted Paypal and reported possible fraud, they said that no transactions have taken place on my account for the past 2 years. At first I thought it might be due to me changing my password, paypal told me to try any other email addresses I might have used, but all my other addresses did not have a login and the donation paypal web page tells me which email account it is. I then sent the confirmation information I had received from paypal to them, they responded by saying I should ring them, but did not give me a number to ring them on. When I replied asking for the number they said that there was no telephone number and I should forward the emails to another paypal email address for them to have a look. I am still waiting to see what happens, but my confidence at the moment in paypal is the same as my balance.

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