Wine Software New Version

There is now a new version of the¬†BarMirror wine journal application¬†available. I have made some small changes to the application and done some more testing. There was a review on which made me look at the application and do further testing, the review had reported an issue which was fixed in 2008. I believed that had released the latest version, problem seems to be that when you publish an update there is no confirmation whether the software is updated, I have submitted the latest version and will wait to see how quickly it appears. The reviewer also commented on the software containing a trojan, this was very concerning, one was that my home PC and other PC’s that I have tested the software on might be infected and that and other CNET sites which the software is available from has allowed the software to be published. I have scanned the software and cannot find any problems so I believe the software is fine.

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