Firebird VS Advantage

Over the past decade I have mainly been using 2 different Client-Server databases. Firebird is based on the Interbase server and is Free, and the other database I’ve used is Sybase Advantage. I have been thinking recently which one is better. I think with all software it is up to how you intend to use it and how it is intended to be used in the future. Firebird advantages are that it is free, easy to use and deploy and one really nice feature is you can make it client embedded so for smaller database applications you can ship it without having the user install the server. Sybase advantage seems to run quicker on large queries and more users, it is also possible to replicate Advantage. Firebird cannot be replicated although I know companies which have tried and the replication time can be over 40 minutes. Firebird does not seem as stable as Advantage, having to restart the server can become a regular task.

Overall I think if I had to choose between the two I would choose Firebird for smaller client-server applications with a small amount of traffic and Sysbase Advantage if I wanted something more stable and scalable.

I am sure there are other pros and cons of each database which I will continue to come across. 

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